Delicious Cuisine

Yeng EC Restaurant

Experience an authentic Thai cuisine with a modern twist when you dine in our restaurant in luxurious ambience and a burst of delectable flavours

Truest Flavours

All from a humble stall in 1964

Generation after generation, we have been passing down our secret recipes containing specific combinations of flavours and spices for an authentic thai cuisine experience

Eventually, our tiny family-owned business grew. People loved the sheer autheticity of our food as no matter where we serve our dishes, they encapsulate the attention of customers.

Today, Yeng EC Restaurant has expanded into a fine dining experience, presenting Thai food, desserts, and drinks into a new modern light. From the tangy citrus of our fish stew to our refreshing sweet coconut ice-cream, there is definitely something that everyone will enjoy.

More than Fine Dining

offering you the best of the best

Our restaurant caters to more than just dining, providing you high speed wifi, security-guarded parking space, a grand playarea for children, and different lighting options for every seat. All for free.

Each dish is served by our waiters, but some are flown to you by our in-restaurant drones. Each drone is assigned to a table, and is fully customisable for taking orders, customising dishes for your preferences or any allergies, and an all-digital payment with smooth transaction.

Free WiFi For Everyone

Ask for password to any staff

Our Food Policy

Each one of our dishes are created with clean, authentic, and quality ingredients safe for consumption. 

Our Core Values

We aim to give customers a true one-of-a-kind dining experience where each dish is not only served with quality, but with love.

Renowned Chefs

Meet The Taste Experts

We’re all proud to introduce you to some of our beloved chefs still from the Yeng generation of family.


Be a Part of Our Restaurant

Do you want to create professional burst of flavours that'll wow any customer? Feel free to contact us to join our team!