Designers of Interiors in Kuala Lumpur

Interior Designers in Kuala Lumpur

This is the place to go If you’re in search of an interior designer to improve your home. There are many interior design professionals in Kuala Lumpur. But which one would you choose? Here are a few tips for choosing the best one for your home. Read on to learn what you can on Millimetre Design, Urban Designs Studio, and VIYEST Interior Design. How to choose the right interior designer within your budget

Viyest Interior Design

Viyest Interior Design is made from a number of professionals in the industry, including interior designers. They’re committed to offering clients high-end designs and affordable prices. The team has years of experience in offering an array of interior design and advice to an array of clients within Kuala Lumpur. Kuala Lumpur area. These are just a few of the benefits that come with working together with an interior design team.

First, a professional design firm will supply customers with the benefits having a professional designer and not an amateur. A great interior designer can enhance the look and feel of your space, and at the same time, preserve its distinctive style and function. A design when executed correctly will be both aesthetically appealing and durable, which are the two most important aspects in today’s marketplace. An experienced interior designer is often more than worth the cost.

Millimetre Design

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Millimetre Design offers comprehensive interior design services, project management, contract solutions, and more. Millimetre Design is renowned for their unpretentious and meticulous method of interior design. The clients are impressed with their work and are returning to us for the spaces renovated and updated. We’re a multidisciplinary business that offers a wide range of services from commercial and residential construction.

The award-winning firm for interior design provides a vast portfolio and has collaborated with high-end corporate clients. Its designers are involved in every aspect of the project starting from planning all the way to the implementation. The final result will be unique due to this. The interior design company focuses on collaboration. Their results are adored by clients. Their creativity and attention to particulars have won them many national accolades.

Urban Designs Studio

Urban Designs Studio’s owner is visionary entrepreneur and aspires to create an even better place, one design at a. Interior design studios were successful in solving my issue through making my space more efficient. I was able to save a lot of money after all the preparation. They are definitely recommended. It was a pleasure having them as a partner. They’re extremely professional and can help you create the right style for your work.

If you’re looking for an interior design company located in Malaysia There are a variety of options for you. Urban Designs Studio is one of the top choices for commercial interior design in Malaysia. The company provides all interior design solutions, including concept creation, choosing furnishings, materials appliances, the construction and final details. They have branches all over Malaysia. Their work is well-regarded in Malaysia and they’re renowned for their high-quality works.


Viyest Interior Design has been active for more than 10 years, and has earned an enviable reputation for its high-quality workmanship and competitive pricing. The company’s success has been demonstrated throughout Kuala Lumpur and they take care to minimise disruption for the occupants. Viyest will ensure that various other areas of the structure are secured through the entire project. These are just a few of the numerous benefits Viyest gives. Read on to learn more.

One of the biggest advantages when having a relationship with Viyest is that they’re an all-in-one source for all aspects of the project. The team of professionals from the industry works as a unified team, making sure the project will be completed in time and within budget. You don’t have to worry about coordination between different contractors or risk of miscommunications. Furthermore their staff of specialists is able to handle every project all the way from the easiest to the most intricate.

IQI Concept

IQI Concept, an interior design firm that provides the complete solution for commercial and residential projects It is referred to as IQI Concept. Focusing on quality design, IQI Concept is committed to working in close partnership with clients to ensure the end result is exactly the vision they had in mind. Our commitment to quality along with their practicality and perseverance will ensure that the end result is one that really reflects the client’s vision.

The company’s headquarters are in the UK however, customers from Asia aren’t likely to find their services as useful. Customers from Asia can get no-cost consultations on interior design services by sending a PDF or image of their area to the local vendor. This service is beneficial to individuals who may not be great at drawing, or for those with less skill. IQI Concept can receive a photo or PDF of your room and will get back to you with more details.


Are you looking for an interior design professional who is familiar with Kuala Lumpur’s senior market? PERSOLKELLY Malaysia may be able to help you. Based in the city, you will have the best chances of finding a safe location to reside. The business is seeking an experienced Senior Interior Designer to work in the KL Corporate Office. This is the perfect opportunity to start your career in an exciting demanding, rewarding, and challenging industry.

It is required to have an associate’s degree in Interior Design and be proficient in designs, concepts, 3D Max and V-ray rendering. PERSOLKELLY Malaysia is hiring. They are now accepting applications, so make sure you have all the documents you need. Be sure to go through the other vacancies for the Kuala Lumpur region and apply immediately!

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